Hi there petrol heads come travelers Rev welcomes you into 2018 with a mighty roar from a V8 engine.

Well I was looking at what to write about as it’s really cold back home here in the UK, and I see from the news it’s much the same on the East coast of the good ole US of A. I hope no one points their fingers at car lovers and blames them specifically for global warming.

Anyway. I was checking what was going on around the world that anyone with a love of motor vehicles would be interested in and noticed the extreme sports expo in Dubai. What can I say, you have a city well known for their love of going way over the top as you can see from some of their buildings.

I wish I had chance to go yet travel from the UK isn’t the easiest with all this cold weather going on. Anyway there is plenty to whet the appetite of any adrenalin junkie. If you’re into free diving (deep snorkeling for the rest of us) they have the “One breath expo” which has been going on for the past four years and includes spear fishing. Underwater target shooting, I wonder how you get to watch that?

For petrol lovers who like 2 wheels they have the Dubai Motorbike Festival which is a celebration into anything on two wheels which is more my thing than swimming. They have a stunt battle which could be fun to watch and I think there might be one or two back flips going on if anyone is up to the challenge. I am not sure if Travis Pastrana will show his face, and boy do I remember watching him do the double backflip, history in the making.

Apart from that there is the land action village which takes in any sport you can imagine from personal mobility devices, electric skateboards and rally. Put an engine on a set of wheels and who knows what contraptions can be invented.

Anyway enough of that, a quick bit about Dubai. It’s pretty hot and home to the tallest building in the world which is good to watch at New Year. I did notice they broke the Guinness World record for the largest laser show which made a change from all those fireworks they have.

They have plenty of shopping centers, or malls as you might call them and they are packed full of designer gear yet not many people half the time. I suppose there is only so many times you can go shopping. They do have the indoor ski slope which is novel for the middle of the desert and gives you chance to cool down, either that or you can take a visit to the Chillout Ice Lounge which is really different.

I can say I paid a visit when I was there and it was like being back home in the middle of winter. Wrap up warm and enjoy something from their menu. If nothing else it will be something you will never forget.

Well folks time for me to finish and put another log or two on the fire.

Take it easy and watch out for icy patches,



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