Hi, there petrol heads, Rev’s back in the house.


Well, the weather back in the UK has really put a dampener on travel plans, but not to worry. There’s always another time. I was thinking of heading over to Abu Dhabi toward the end of the month for the Red Bull Air Races which would have been pretty sweet.

That got me thinking of the top Red Bull events around the globe. Wherever there are thrills, spills and danger Red Bull never seems to be far away. I have compiled a list, and if you are wondering, motorsport such as F1 will notbe found here. I am not sure if they all still exist yet they are worth a mention, and it shows Red Bull has their fingers in many pies.


Red Bull BC One

Well everyone knows breakdancing has gone to group dances, yet Red Bull wanted to get back to the roots. With 16 competitors going head to head in NYC, this is how it all started. So if you think you have the skills to take it to the dance floor, find out if it is still being held and put your name down.

Cliff Diving

These are some crazy dudes. Pick the highest cliff you can find in the most exotic of locations and hurl yourself off into the ocean that you hope is going to be deep enough. I tried my hardest to get the dates for 2018, but to no avail, I couldn’t find them. At least it is still on so if you are pretty good at this sort of thing, you could be in with a chance.


Red Bull Crashed Ice

Being held in January the 19th-20th this year in Saint Paul, Minnesota for a record 6th year.

This is one for the toughest and roughest skaters on the planet. Create a 1,600 ft track that drops a height of 12 stories over its length. This makes for some fast and frantic action. So if you want to be one of the 120,000 crowd that attend every year, you better be quick.


Red Bull Rampage

I have mentioned the air race so no need to go over it again, this one is a little more breathtaking than watching a plane hurtle around at 230mph. What started way back when in 2001 it carried on until 2004. It made a comeback and is still with us to this day. In 2017 it was held in Utah so maybe this year will be the same again. Anyway. Get a bunch of guys on mountain bikes and send them off down the side of a mountain. The finish is a good 1500ft below, and now they have tricks to do on the way down to make their run that extra specialAs if dropping over a 35ft ft.Cliffwas notunique enough.

Rev is hanging up his Red Bull for the evening, catch you next time.


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