Intro – Rev


Hi, there all you interneters out there. This is Rev speaking, and that has nothing to do with former profession. I was never a reverend, a priest, a preacher or anything to do with the church apart from visiting the local parish church a few times.

The names Mick but all my mates call me Rev as I am an out and out petrol head, speed freak or whatever you want to call us. Living not far from the heart of motor racing in the UK and retired for a couple of years, not through age I might say. I’m not that old; it was a work injury.

A truck driver by trade I had a load that wasn’t secured correctly (not my fault) it broke its restraints, andunfortunately, I tried to catch it with my leg, and since then I have had a bit of a limp and no longer able to work.

So as not to get disheartened or bored (or bore anyone else) I decided to have a go at this blogging thing.

You might be wondering why and what this has to do with a travel blog? I initially had a plan of doing a motoring blog, yet there are thousands, and my small contribution might get lost along the way.

I came up with a plan of combining both. Travel and motorsport in one form or another. I have visited a few places over the years for specific events, yet I have never seen anyone write about the places these events are held as a regular tourist destination or what it is like without these events deafening the locals with their oversized and overpowered engines.

The idea might work or it might not, and hopefully, I can stir up some interest along the way as there are a few events that not everyone gets to hear about. There are some bizarre and wacky races out there, to say the least. These coupled with some stunning locations make for some great vacations for speed freaks, and it is a shame for everyone else not to know what these places are like.

I’ll try my best not to make all my posts about engines, although I’m making no promises. You know how truck drivers love to ramble on about things especially ones who love the smell of engines and high octane fuel filling the air.


Keep on truckinuntil next time,



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